Skyhawk Lane & Red Poets Wine Society

Wine Society Benefits:

Free Wine Tasting
20% discount on all wine society shipments
20% discount on all additional wine purchases.
Exclusive 20/30 Holiday Sale!
4 shipments of 3 bottles per year: 
January, April, July, and October

Our wine society members agree to automatically receive a minimum of 4 three bottle shipments of our wines.  Society members can choose to receive only our red wines, or they can choose to receive a bottle of our white wine and two bottles of our red wines in their shipment.

A wine society deposit of $100.00 will be credited back on your 5th shipment!  If you wish to cancel after your 5th shipment, you can do so at any time via phone or email.  The $100 deposit will not be credited back if you cancel prior to the 5th shipment.

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